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DeVita devices features


    Minimum of contraindications


    Technologies have been approved by the leading scientific organizations


    Intuitive interface and application


    Handy device at your fingertips


    For the whole body recovery


    Download additional programs you need

  • 50
    More than 50% of our health problems are due to the wrong way of life and the absence of health-improving procedures.
  • 80
    Up to 80% of serious problems can be prevented by using modern technology and proper nutrition, and also by going through health testing on time.
  • 40
    40% of the total population of developed countries have never undergone comprehensive health testing.
  • 85
    85% of people older than 75 years experience serious health problems.
  • 30
    Only 30% of people have heard of bioresonance, but 91% of them have noted that bioresonance devices help maintain a high quality of life.