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These people together with DEHolding have become very seccessful. How did they start and what did they finally get? How did they achieve their goals and in what they were helped by the company? Read Stories of Success of our Partners, Top Leaders, and join our friendly team!

Ilias Gracias
Ilias Gracias
Greece, Athens

DeVita bioresonance devices helped me and thousands of other people look and feel better.

My name is Ilias Gracias. I have been an independent partner of DEHolding over the last two years. When my friend acquainted me with DEHolding, I was at once attracted by the novelty and uniqueness of the company’s products.

My personal vision is to make every family throughout the world get to know and experience the benefits of these unique technologies.

I have cooperated with dozens MLM companies, but no other company can boast of such a cordial family as DEHolding (with heart as a logo!).

Being a professional, apart from the product helpfulness and efficiency, that I recommend, I also highly appreciate the company’s Compensation plan, that’s why I can say with great certainty that DEHolding plan, if not the best on the market, but, obviously, one of the best, one of the most profitable and least “stressful” in the MLM industry.