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‘Fifth Element’ International Training for Partners for the First Time in Europe

‘Fifth Element’ International Training for Partners for the First Time in Europe
For the first time in Europe we are organizing, an international training program, a unique experience of self-knowledge and professional development, for all partners with the participation of top specialists from Greece and Russia.


Oleg Alexandrovich Yeromenko - Rapporteur of the project "Science of Life".
Consultant psychologist, philosopher, orientalist, lecturer, philologist, traveler and photographer. Today, he is one of the experts of the Third Millennium Psychology, an International Educational Program and one of the curators of the International Educational Program "Science of Life".

Roman Aleksandrovic Novikov - Chairman of "Deta-Elis Holding"

Vasilis Palaiologou - Director of World Development and Education. Director of the DeHolding company, in Cyprus.

Agnieszka Zaleska - Director of the DEHolding company, in Greece.

The purpose of International Partner Training "Fifth Element" is:

1. To offer a new strong impetus for personal and economic well-being, awakening the mental power of all company partners.

2. Link the assignment of the partners to the objectives and mission of the company.

3. Establish a global business system for promoting the DEHolding products. Give each partner guidelines on the effective "Sell without Selling" model of action.

4. Familiarize the company's associates with the values and philosophy of the "Science of Life".

The specially tailored training program will be held in Greece, Cyprus, Latvia and Austria and our first training  is in Athens (19-21 / 1)!