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The Business Marathon 2018

The Business Marathon 2018
When you decide to change your life for the better, when courage, dedication, diligence and determination are your driving forces, the results can be very impressive! Every moment can become your own moment, as long as you believe it. This was a goal our winners made, which is a living example for all of us, as they created the proper conditions themselves for achieving their goals.

We are pleased to announce the GOLDEN winners in the category "Best Speaker of the Year".

From Russia:
Juliy Sugeiko

From the rest of the world:
Alina Romashenko - Academician of Medical and Technical Sciences(Greece)

Congratulations for achieving your goals and your contribution to the growth of our company! We wish you from the bottom of our hearts to continue to progress on the road of success!

The Golden Winners received one DeVita Ritm Mini with their name on it and a gold medal!
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