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New program "Without microsporum" on the DeVita AP+* device.

New program "Without microsporum" on the DeVita AP+* device.
A fungus of the genus Microsporum primarily affects the skin, scalp, and hairy areas of the skin (beard, mustache), causing an infectious disease in animals and humans (ringworm). It is mainly transmitted from animals, less frequently from person to person or through household items. The program destroys pathogenic fungi, and it improves the condition of human skin.

Application: daily for a month, in conjunction with the “Without toxins” program on DeVita AP+ and the corresponding programs on DeVita Ritm+ (see “Clean skin” Complex).

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*This device is not a medical device.

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Inflammation of hair follicles, provoked by the spread of staphylo-streptococcal infection with poor personal hygiene and/or the presence of chronic intoxication, infection, hypovitaminosis, leads to the formation of furuncles.
The main cause of formation is due to prolonged exposure of the skin to direct sun rays, but manifests itself only with age when the immune forces are weakened.