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DePuls+ – unique device
preserving your health

How to stay healthy and active? How to save youth and beauty?

It’s easy! Just make regular testing of physical and psychoemotional resources of the body.

Innovative Express Test DePuls+ will in no time determine, which resources of your body need additional support. Plus, you’ll get valuable recommendations on physical and psychoemotional health maintenance.

15 windows of DePuls+ interface

  • Window 1 – Register indicators

    Here you can see cardiac rate in electrocardiogram. The display also shows any changes of his/her current state and main physiological indicators of the body

  • Window 2 – Vegetative regulation indicators

    Here is shown the coordination of the nervous system, providing stability of physical and mental activities of the body

  • Window 3 – Psychoemotional state

    Shows the state of the brain activity and the level of control of psychoemotional balance. It also shows the psychoemotional state at the moment of test.

  • Window 4 – – Protection forces of the body

    Demonstrates the state of immune protection of a person being tested — i.e its ability to protect the body from the pathogenic flora.

  • Window 5 – Speed of biological age

    Reflects the compliance of the organs and systems state to the calendar age of a person.

  • Window 6 – Functional state of the digestive tract

    Displays the health level of the digestive system organs — stomach, pancreas, liver, spleen, etc.

  • Window 7 – Functional state of systems of an organism

    Here you can see the state of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and other systems

  • Window 8 – Functional state of the spine

    Displays the status of the various divisions of the vertebral column, as well as the power passing through the energy flow.

  • Window 9 – Indicators of the functional test

    This window shows the final results of the body test, daily forecast activity and biological reserves.

  • Window 10 – Aura portrait

    Here the power of the energetic field of a person is demonstrated — aura, and the state of its membranes, energy and adaptation reserves level

  • Window 11 – Chakra system

    Displays the activity of energetic centers of a human being — chakras — and the degree of its openness. It depends on the energy exchange with the environment.

  • Window 12 – Diagram of meridians

    Displays the distribution of energy into the meridians of internal organs, according to the Chinese system of reflex therapy.

  • Window 13 – Wu Xing therapy

    Demonstrates balance of 5 energy elements — wood, earth, fire, metal and water — in the body, according to the Chinese theory of Wu Xing

  • Window 14 – Test results on the energy state

    Here you’ll find general results of energy indicators of the test — state of chakras, meridians and aura.

  • Window 15 – Recommendations for health care

    The final window tells you what products of DEHolding Company are recommended for you to use for your health improvement.

clear and accurate

The device evaluates the condition of the body based on the neurodynamic analysis of heart rate variability, that is, by analyzing the intervals between cycles of cardiac contractions. Heart rate is a universal reaction of an organism to external and internal stimuli, and its frequency indicates problems in certain organ systems with high degree of accuracy

Using the device you will be able to identify weaknesses in the body, to trace the dynamic changes of certain physical parameters as well as the influence on the organism of various factors – physical activity, use of bioresonance devices, changes of the day mode, etc. DePuls+ not only evaluates health state, but also allows you to take the necessary measures to improve the quality of life as well as to trace the correctness of the applied strategy of healing

  • Immediate results

    The results of the test and the recommendations on health improvement will be available in just 5 min from the start of the DePuls+ program

  • Сlear interface

    Check the state of the organism using simple and clear diagrams

  • Several profiles

    Create several profiles for your clients and family in on device. The profiles are easy to switch and edit.

  • Changes in dynamics

    Follow the changes of the functional state of the organism. Make notes on the effectiveness of the complex rehabilitation.

  • Easy to use

    For the reading and interpretation of the results no additional knowledge is required. The usage pattern is simple, clear and available to anyone

Comprehensive approach to health improvement

Express Test DePuls+ evaluates the body resources by main indicators — not only physiological, but also energetic. Proper functioning of our organs and systems is impossible without stable psychoemotional state and internal harmony — and vice versa. Physiological and energy resources of the body are interrelated — so this is quite important to consider them in a complex

DePuls+ allows to assess all basic aspects of he internal body state. Besides, it gives recommendations on health improvement. And also, you can trace the correctness of the applied approach on the live charts.


DePuls+ – is an indispensable tool for comprehensive approach to business and wellness

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