About the company

The DEHolding company offers a comprehensive system of support of the physical and spiritual health of the person. In today's world, a successful person combines physical and spiritual health with the success in business and in personal growth.

  • The DEHolding company implements projects in order to make a person successful in all spheres. Products for training successful business techniques help to achieve financial independence, self-development trainings reveal creativity, and the innovative wellness devices are designed to maintain the personal health.
  • The principle of operation of the DeVita devices is based on the effect of weak electromagnetic radiations, natural for the organism, that achieve the spiritual and physical harmony without external interference. The wellness DeVita device sare designed to maintain the health and rejuvenate the body.
  • The technology, that impacts the human body with specific frequencies and electromagnetic fields has been known since the beginning of the 20th century. Physicists worked constantly, on its improvement. Today the best designs for maintaining health and good mood are embodied and supplemented in the DeVita devices, produced in Germany. This is a fundamentally new product that does not have other analogues in the world.
Five advantages of the DeVita devices:
  • Universality of action -
    maintaining high
    health levels and
    taking care of the rejuvenation of the body systems
    at any age and in any
    external environment
  • Efficiency –
    more than 85%
  • Security – practically
    there are no contraindications
  • Portability –
    always at hand
  • Simplicity of management –
    Easy to reconfigure to
    solve new problems
Company's mission:

Healing and developing a person with the help of innovative technologies today - we make the world better tomorrow.

Values of the company:
  • Trust
  • Health
  • Development
  • Reliability
  • Systematic
  • Well-being
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
We are recognized by the following organizations:
  • AEB

    Association of European Businesses (AEB) – An international business organization that brings together over 600 companies from the EU countries, Russia and other countries. The AEB includes such large organizations as Michelin, Mercedes-Benz, Procter&Gamble, Raiffeisen Bank, Volvo, Nike, Leroy Merlin and others.

  • RAGG

    Russian Association of gerontologists and geriatricians (RAGG) – an organization that deals with the issues of aging and longevity, explores innovative technologies to maintain an active life and supports organizations involved in the improvement of the nation. RAGG has a prestigious status in the list of scientific organizations of the Russian Federation.


    Moscow regional research clinical Institute. MF Vladimir (MONICA) – the unique multi-disciplinary research and lechebnoy complex. Its staff includes distinguished professors and doctors of Sciences, experts in the field of science and research. The main scientific direction MONICA – development of innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

  • АМТН

    Academy of medical and technical Sciences (amtn)- Association of major scientists and specialists in the field of medical and technical Sciences, education, health improvement and prevention systems, medical industry, as well as prominent government and public figures, inventors, developers and manufacturers of medical equipment. amth is engaged in innovative developments in the field of health improvement.

  • SGS

    The SGS company – company is the world leader in the field of inspection services, expertise, testing and certification. The SGS is recognized as the world standard of quality and professional ethics. The SGScertification proves that the products, business processes, systems and services of the company comply with the requirements of national and international standards.