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Presentation of DEHolding in St. Petersburg.

Presentation of DEHolding in St. Petersburg.
On October 29, Tatiana Konopleva, Founder of Deta Elis Holding, member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, held a presentation on "DEHolding's wellness technologies" in St. Petersburg.

Thanks to experts in health and business, the presentation was full of personal meetings with new people interested in the concept of health and entrepreneurship with #DEHolding.

All the autumn events gave us:
energy to achieve our goals,
new clients interested in building international businesses,
and most importantly - strength and desire to move forward and grow for you!

We thank all participants for their interest in their health and well-being. We welcome all new partners and friends of the international DEHolding family!

What do you think? Were you able to attend any of the company's presentations? Share it in the comments, your feedback is important to us!
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