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The first Tour of Directors of Deta Elis Holding in Bulgaria

The first Tour of Directors of Deta Elis Holding in Bulgaria
Dear partners and friends of Deta Elis Holding,

We would like to inform you about the upcoming tour of the Directors of Deta Elis Greece and Deta Elis Cyprus alongside our representative Mr. Dimitris Vasileiou, in the cities Sozopol, Varna, Ruse, Sofia.

The Directors and Mr. Vasileiou will travel to Bulgaria from 19.09.2022 until 25.09.2022 and will perform four presentations in four different cities of Bulgaria. The presentations will be concentrated on the method of bioresonance and its use, on the products of our company and their properties, as well as the results of various health professionals of using this method in their personal practice.

Trainings and meetings on business matters will be also held by the Directors.
Our representative will be available for certain days in every city, for diagnostic and business meetings.

Keynote speakers:

- Agnieszka Zaleska - General Director of Deta Elis Greece.

- Vasileios Palaiologou - Global Business Director and Director of Deta Elis Cyprus.

- Dimitris Vasileiou - therapist, specialist in the field of bioresonance, founder of the holistic center "DetaMed".

Detailed program of the tour:

1) Sozopol
Narodno Chitalishte Otets Paisiy (Народно читалище "Отец Паисий")
Apoloniya St 1
18:00 PM

2) Varna
Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel Varna
Kniaz Boris 1 Boulevard, Varna, 9002, Bulgaria
18:00 PM

3) Ruse
Hotel Anna
Tzaribrod str 7
11:00 AM

4) Sofia
Hotel Central West
Todor Alexandrov str 135
11:00 AM


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