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Unstoppable growth in the UK

Unstoppable growth in the UK

Deta Elis' presence at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Woodbridge, Suffolk sparked a new wave of interest in our company's complex approach to health.

The festival took place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April at Woodbridge Community Centre and attracted thousands of people interested in the holistic approach.

Focusing on wellness and well-being and receiving guidance from experts in various fields, participants were able to explore reflexology, massage, yoga, mindfulness and a variety of other methods. The organizers made sure to create a space of support, excitement and health.

Our representative, beloved partner and expert in the field of bioresonance, Mrs. Inna Kushnirova, for two consecutive days carried out a variety of rapid assesments of the body's condition with the DePuls+ device and informed the audience about the advantages of the holistic approach.

The Public Relations and Communications Manager of our company, Mrs. Aliki - Lydia Athanasiou, travelled from Greece to the UK, in order to attend the exhibition, to promote Deta Elis and its technologies, as well as to give a speech on the applications of bioresonance.

We would like to thank Mrs. Inna Kushnirova, for her dynamic participation in the promotion and development of Deta Elis worldwide, as well as for her unstoppable zeal for the restoration of people's health.
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