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What is allergy and what is its "use"?

What is allergy and what is its "use"?
Allergy is an increased sensitivity of the body to any substances - dust, pollen, chemical, infectious agents.

And yes, almost half of the world's population suffers from allergies.
And surprisingly, the cause of allergies is most often wrong diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

How dangerous are allergic reactions❓

Allergic reactions can lead to the development of bronchial asthma, allergic dermatitis. The most serious complications are convulsions, acute vascular insufficiency and stomach cramps.
And the most serious allergic reactions - anaphylactic shock and Quincke's edema - lead to instant death.

The diagnosis and identification of allergens is a complex and time-consuming process, and the treatment results in the reduction of symptoms and the relief of the general condition of the body, without eliminating the allergy in its entirety.

DeVita technologies, which our company has been developing for more than 20 years, help to cleanse the body of parasites and toxins, effectively remove these toxins and harmonize the functioning of internal organs and systems.

A special Complex of programs in the DeVita devices called "Stop Allergy", aims at eliminating biological allergens, increasing immunity and cleansing of toxins.

This Complex of programs will allow you to enjoy life without the allergenic restrictions you are used to. But not in one day. And not at the push of a button.

To cleanse the body and normalize its condition, you will need to work with yourself for several months, using DeVita technologies in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

But in the end, it's worth it❗

Here are some key recommendations to make your recovery more effective:

- If you are already allergic to any substance, do a full allergen test. Often the allergic organism shows intolerance to many foods.
- Check the gastrointestinal tract. The presence of helminths, dysbacteriosis and problems with feces worsen the course of allergic reactions.
- If you are allergic to dust, store bedding, pillows and books in tightly closed cupboards. Wash your clothes every week at a temperature of at least 60°C.
- Take off your outdoor shoes and clothes on the doorstep, as pollen and plant spores accumulate on them.
- In case of food allergies, avoid foods with strong allergenic properties: honey, peanuts, fish and seafood, spices, chocolate, citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries.
- Use medicines only according to your doctor's instructions. Monitor the expiration date of medications. Expired medications emit volatile allergenic substances.
- Check the pots for mold.

Each DeVita device comes with a catalog of all Complexes of programs and the rules for how to use them to achieve health and longevity.

You can read more about the use of the "Stop Allergy" Complex of programs and the complex approach to health on page 49, in the "Complex Approach" catalog of DEHolding:

Enjoy life and be healthy!


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